Java3D crashes Xserver

Hello all,

i know this has been mentioned offline and on this list, but i'm still not able to achieve success.

i'm running RH 7.1 with XFree86 4.0.3. Although the web sites say that it is unnecessary with this version of XFree86, i've gone ahead and installed Mesa-4.0 and i have "glx" and "dri" loaded in my XF86Config-4 . My Xserver still crashes every time i exit a Java3D application (demos and VisAD examples). There is little or no help from Blackdown's web site regarding this and the few times i've tried to contact them regarding it, i've never received any response.

i'm using an ATI Raedon video card which appears to be supported by Mesa3D.

So i'm asking the list if there is anyone who might be able to help me with this. i'd be very appreciative.

Thank you!


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