Re: Pure white 3-D display

Hi John,

> I decided to resurrect my Equinox project at

Good. It was a cool project.

> Two years ago the 3-D display was gray and now it is pure white using the
> exact same code.  The display is produced with this code:
> . . .
> Where latitude/longitude ranges from 0 to 40 and documents ranges
> from 0-400.  What can I do to restore the gray color to the terrain
> so I can better visualize it?  Pure white makes the 3D graph unusable.

Within the past year we disabled shading with texture maps,
so that satellite image displays would be brighter. You should
be able to restore the gray shading by disabling texture, as in:

  GraphicsModeControl mode = display.getGraphicsModeControl();


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