Pure white 3-D display

I decided to resurrect my Equinox project at


Two years ago the 3-D display was gray and now it is pure white using the
exact same code.  The display is produced with this code:

    ScalarMap latitude
      new ScalarMap((RealType) domain.getComponent(0),Display.XAxis);
    ScalarMap longitude
      new ScalarMap((RealType) domain.getComponent(1),Display.YAxis);
    ScalarMap documents=new ScalarMap((RealType) range,Display.ZAxis);

Where latitude/longitude ranges from 0 to 40 and documents ranges
from 0-400.  What can I do to restore the gray color to the terrain
so I can better visualize it?  Pure white makes the 3D graph unusable.

I'm using the very latest visad.  I tried my program with Java 1.3.1/Java3D
1.2.1 and Java 1.4.0 Beta 3/Java3D 1.3 Beta 1 under Solaris 2.8 (with
all the latest patches) without success.

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.