Re: printing facility

Hi Jacky,

Jacky Saint wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm grateful for the help I recieved previously. Currently I am using
> to implement my program. The problem is when I print a cell
> the background comes out as black. However I would like to change this so
> that the background is white, but I am having problem locating the class
> file that specifies the background. Please can someone tell me where I
> should look to find this class, or maybe if someone has already implemented
> this can you give me some guidance on how I can do this.

VisAD Tutorial shows you in section 4.14 how to change the display's
background color.

First do

DisplayRenderer dRenderer = display.getDisplayRenderer();

then do

float[] backColor = colorToFloats(Color.lightGray);
dRenderer.setBackgroundColor(backColor[0], backColor[1],backColor[2]);

Please see the whole section for more details:

However, when using the SpreadSheet, you'll have to know where the
display is. I'm not sure how to get the display from a SpreadSheet cell
but I believe Curtis can show you the way.



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