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yeah i was using the beta version....Thanx for that i'll drop it back now.


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>When trying to run the SpreadSheet i get the following example.
>WARNING: Canvas3D constructed with a null GraphicsConfiguration.

I've only seen this when using the Java3D 1.2 beta.  Is this what
you are using?  If so, I think you should drop back to the Java 3D
1.1.x releases.  I think Bill was going to have to make some changes
to VisAD to support 1.2.

>This results in me not being able to display anything using java3d

The way the VisADCanvas3D is constructed, a null GraphicsConfiguration
is passed in (which in turn is passed to Canvas3D).  

>Any help would be appreciated.

If you are not using 1.2beta, send your configuration (OS, version
of Java and Java3D) and we'll see if we can track the problem down.

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