Re: Spreadsheet: exporting data

Hi Peter,

Your message has shown me the error of my ways.  Now
MathType.toString() returns the same String that
MathType.prettyString() returns.  So for example, a
FunctionType will print with something like:

  ((x, y, z) -> variable)

It is generally true that in:, data, replace);
  Data new_data =;

data and new_data will have different MathTypes.  For
example, ((Time, x) -> range) may become (Time -> (x -> range).

I can comment on this specific case if you'll please send
me the "pretty" strings using the new MathType.toString().

By the way, if HDF-5 files include names for variables
such as "latitude", "row", "time", "temperature", etc
these would make better RealType names than "dim0" and

Also, I am not quite sure from these Strings, but it looks
like you may be returning MathTypes like:

((dim0, dim1) -> ((dim0, dim1, dim2) -> variable))

If so, then the two occurences of dim0 and dim1 should
have different RealTypes and different names.  I see you
do use integers to create different names for Float2Darray1,
Float2Darray2, etc.


> I have an HDF5 file with complicate hierarchical structure. When I map the
> file into Visad data, I have the following data type.
> data type = (FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Float2Darray1),
> ((FunctionTyp
> e (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Float2Darray2), FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) 
> ->
> (Float2Darray3)), (FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray2),
> FunctionT
> ype (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray3)), ((FunctionType (Real): (dim0, 
> dim1)
> -> (Float2Darray1), FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray1)))),
> Funct
> ionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray1), FunctionType (Real): (dim0,
> dim1)
>  -> (Int2Darray1_HL), FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1, dim2) -> (Int3Darray))
> When I export the file into netcdf, the data type is the following.
> data type = (FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Float2Darray2,
> Float2Darray3,
>  Int2Darray2, Int2Darray3, Float2Darray1, Int2Darray1, Int2Darray1_HL),
> Function
> Type (Real): (dim0, dim1, dim2) -> Int3Darray)
> I couldn't trace the source code where the datatype is converted. Can anyone
> tell me
> where the datatype is created when exporting data into netcdf ?
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks,
> Peter Xiangchi Cao
> Tel. (217) 244-3830
> Fax. (217) 244-1987
> Scientific Data Technologies Division
> National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Bill Hibbard, SSEC, 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI  53706
hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  608-263-4427  fax: 608-263-6738

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