Spreadsheet: exporting data

I have an HDF5 file with complicate hierarchical structure. When I map the
file into Visad data, I have the following data type.

data type = (FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Float2Darray1),
e (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Float2Darray2), FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) ->
(Float2Darray3)), (FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray2),
ype (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray3)), ((FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1)
-> (Float2Darray1), FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray1)))),
ionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Int2Darray1), FunctionType (Real): (dim0,
 -> (Int2Darray1_HL), FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1, dim2) -> (Int3Darray))

When I export the file into netcdf, the data type is the following.

data type = (FunctionType (Real): (dim0, dim1) -> (Float2Darray2,
 Int2Darray2, Int2Darray3, Float2Darray1, Int2Darray1, Int2Darray1_HL),
Type (Real): (dim0, dim1, dim2) -> Int3Darray)

I couldn't trace the source code where the datatype is converted. Can anyone
tell me
where the datatype is created when exporting data into netcdf ?


Peter Xiangchi Cao
Tel. (217) 244-3830
Fax. (217) 244-1987
Scientific Data Technologies Division
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

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