20000927: Simple Field question

>From: Edward Stanford <stanford@xxxxxxx>
>Organization: GST
>Keywords: 200009272021.e8RKLFb01361


>Thanks to all who responded to my last.
>This one is fairly simple: assume one has an instance of a FieldImpl.  How 
>may one dynamically determine the FunctionType, and hence, the range 
>RealType, of the FieldImpl?  This seems like it should be _really_ obvious, 
>and closely analogous to the many methods that enable one to investigate 
>the domain Set, but I haven't spotted it.

You should be able to call:

    FunctionType type = (FuncitonType) myFieldImpl.getMathType();

and use the methods of FunctionType to pick it apart further or
you could also use the methods in visad.util.DataUtility to
further pick apart the MathType on the fly:

static RealTupleType getDomainType(Function function) 
          Gets the MathType of the domain of a Function. 
static RealTupleType getFlatRangeType(Function function) 
          Gets the MathType of the flat-range of a Function. 

Since a FieldImpl, implements Field, which extends Function.

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