20000817: swapping black and white in a display?

>From: "Mattheus, Henner" <Henner.Mattheus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Keywords: 200008171309.e7HD9bN21988

Hi Henner-

>can somebody give me a hint how i can get a white background and black axes
>in a DisplayImpl?
>up to now i only tried setting the background of displayImpl.getComponent()
>to black but that didn't work.

You can change the colors of the background using 
DisplayRenderer.setBackgroundColor() method.  You can get the
DisplayRenderer using display.getDisplayRenderer().  You might
need to change the cursor color also (DisplayRenderer.setCursorColor())
to get the cursor visible and also the readouts on the display if
you set the bacground color to white.

You could also get the RendererControl for the renderer
(display.getDisplayRenderer().getRendererControl) and use it's
methods to change the characteristics of the display.

Test53 and Test54 in the examples directory show examples of 
changing the background, box and cursor colors.

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