Re: Corrected URLS for collaboration tutorial

#TAN TOH FEI# wrote:
> I try to compile and run the sample application that you put up in the
> collaborative pages. However, I faced some problem when compile and running
> it. Anyway, I managed to fix it thru included the "import
>;" and "throws IOException" in the program.

Oops, sorry!  I've changed my examples to add IOException where needed.

The reason it was missing is that, while writing my example application,
I made a slight improvement to, the class which
takes a String or URL argument and returns the appropriate VisAD Data

Previously, the DefaultFamily open(String) method only tried to open a
local file; to open a web-based file, you needed to call the open(URL)

Now the open(String) method tries to open a local file and, if that
fails, will try to build a URL from the String and open the URL.  While
making these changes, I managed to get rid of the IOException the
open(String) method used to throw.  (The latest version of VisAD on the
FTP/web site has these changes.)

> The program
> runs but a runtime error bug is displayed. May I know what is the error
> means?
> D:\PROJECT>java DisplayGIF
> A nonfatal internal JIT (3.10.107(x)) error 'regvar' has occurred in :
>   'visad/data/DefaultFamily$ ()Z': Interpreting method.
>   Please report this error in detail to

Bill says he's had several reports of this bug.  It's already been
reported to Sun so you can just ignore it until they get it fixed.

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