RE: Corrected URLS for collaboration tutorial

Dear Dave,

I try to compile and run the sample application that you put up in the
collaborative pages. However, I faced some problem when compile and running
it. Anyway, I managed to fix it thru included the "import;" and "throws IOException" in the program. The program
runs but a runtime error bug is displayed. May I know what is the error

D:\PROJECT>java DisplayGIF
A nonfatal internal JIT (3.10.107(x)) error 'regvar' has occurred in :
  'visad/data/DefaultFamily$ ()Z': Interpreting method.
  Please report this error in detail to

Thank you. 

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From: Dave Glowacki
Sent: 7/12/00 5:56 AM
Subject: Corrected URLS for collaboration tutorial

> I've written a set of tutorials on how to convert VisAD
> standalone applications to collaborative applications.

Oops, I left a directory out of the path.  Below are the correct URLs.

> There are 3 main pages:
> is an overview of the steps involved in making an application
> collaborative.
> is a step-by-step conversion of a simple standalone
> application.
> is a brief discussion of making a graphic VisAD widget
> collaborative.
> I'd be happy to hear any comments, suggestions, corrections,
> etc. you might have on these pages!

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