Matrix representation

Hello VisAD Users:

I have a problem displaying a matriz.  The matrix's values spans from 0
to 6, but when I represent it using a scalarmap all the values bertween
0 and 3 have the same color and other color for the values bertween 4
and 6.   How can I make the displayRenderer assign one color for each

Here is the code I use to buid the ScalarMap.

In the code My_Matrix is a float[][] whit values between 0 and 6


    //Define RealTypes

    xx2 = new RealType("x2");
    yy2 = new RealType("y2");
    xx_yy2 = new RealTupleType(xx2, yy2);
    supClassRes=new RealType("supClassRes");
    func_xy_SC = new FunctionType( xx_yy2, supClassRes);

    //Create display for image classification representation

    displaySC = new DisplayImplJ2D("displaySC");

    //bands for main diaplay

    xxMap2 = new ScalarMap( xx2,  Display.XAxis );
    yyMap2 = new ScalarMap( yy2, Display.YAxis );
    bandUCKMMap = new ScalarMap( supClassRes,  Display.Value );

    displaySC.addMap( xxMap2 );
    displaySC.addMap( yyMap2 );
    displaySC.addMap( bandUCKMMap );

    //data reference for displaySC

    data_refSC = new DataReferenceImpl("data_refSC");
    vals_ffUCKM.setSamples(My_Matrix , false );
    displaySC.addReference( data_refSC );