RemoteDisplayImpl doesn't have a getComponent() method

DisplayImplJ2D has a getComponent method that returns a java.awt.component
for use with GUI applications.  Unfortunately, RemoteDisplayImpl does not
have this same method.  I understand that one of the constructors for
DisplayImplJ2D is a RemoteDisplay object, however, I also have to link my
RemoteDisplayImpl object with a DisplayImpl object.  I can do one or the
other, but not both.  Please see the following snipet of code to see what I

myDisplay = new DisplayImplJ2D("display1");

latMap = new ScalarMap( latitude,    myDisplay.YAxis );
lonMap = new ScalarMap( longitude, myDisplay.XAxis );
tempIsoMap = new ScalarMap( temperature,  myDisplay.IsoContour );
elevRGBMap = new ScalarMap( elevation,  myDisplay.RGB );

myDisplay.addMap( latMap );
myDisplay.addMap( lonMap );
myDisplay.addMap( tempIsoMap );
myDisplay.addMap( elevRGBMap );

RemoteDisplayImpl remote_display1 =  new RemoteDisplayImpl(myDisplay);

remote_display1.addReferences( new DirectManipulationRendererJ2D(), new
DataReference[] {ref_elev} );
remote_display1.addReferences( new DirectManipulationRendererJ2D(), new
DataReference[] {ref_temp} );

 JFrame jframe = new JFrame("VisAD Tutorial example 3_07");
jframe.getContentPane().add(remote_display1.getComponent());  //i'm not sure
what exactly should go here
jframe.setSize(480, 320);

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