Re: Heavyweight vs. lightweight

Hello Francesco:

I had exactily the same problem.  But is really not a VisAD problem, when
you create a display you have to give it a name that most be uniq (because
you can rebuild the object using its name).  I gess that when you call the
JInternalFrame class generator you run twice over the same code, I mean you
call two different displays whit the same name.  I solve the problem giving
the new display name as an argument to the JInternalFrame class.

I don't know if this message can help you but if you need a piece of code
explaning this I can send it to you.

I am not really an expert on Visad but I'm planning to become one so If this
does not help you, send another message to the general List.


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Subject: Heavyweight vs. lightweight

> Some ten days ago, I sent a mail with subject:
> newbie: class with display works only one  instance at a time
> Referring (in brief) that trying to use several DiplayImpl2D in a GUI
> based on JInternalFrame's I was not able to have more than one
> display appear at a time.
> I solved the problem, or at list got around it, by spawning a
> heavyweight Frame for each display. Dod other encounter the same
> problem? Or is this a general characteristic of VisaD, to show only a
> display for each heavyweight container?
> Ciao
> Francesco
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