Re: 3-D display locking up under NT, jdk1.2.2, Java 3D 1.2

Hi all,

Could this have something to do with "gamma correction" in the

In the past we have found odd behaviour with various hardware/software
combinations where gamma corrections were sometimes being applied by
software and again by hardware in some configurations and not at all in
others. The brightness for an image can vary depending on whether a
image is mapped directly to display pixels, used to texture map a solid,
whether lighting is enabled or not in hardware etc. Some cards seem to
do gamma correction with 3D acceleration but not for 2D windows, etc.

Sorry I couldn't give any more insight but it may be worth looking into.


"From: Bill Hibbard " wrote:
> > Hi, I managed to display the 3D graph with RGB mapping. But the RGB
> > mapping is not bright enough to view. How should I increase the
> > intensity or the colours? Thanks.
> Do you mean that it is not visible at all?
> If it is just dim, there is something strange going on
> inside Java3D.  If you run Test51 in the visad/examples
> directory, you will see that the original Java3D image is
> dimmer than a BufferedImage captured from the Java3D Canvas.
> It is hard for to understand how the origianl can be dimmer
> than a copy.  I am not sure how to address this.
> Cheers,
> Bill
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