Re: problems with examples

  • To: "Galikeev, Tagir E" <galikte@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: problems with examples
  • From: Doug Lindholm <lind@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 10:03:01 -0700

Just a couple of comments on the NT setup notes:

Your step 4 is not necessary. You can simply download the visad.jar file
and put it in your classpath. You may still want to download the source
so you can play with the examples.

Your step 5 should not be needed. Java has a way of finding these jar
files without you putting them in your classpath.

Here are the steps I use to set up a new NT box to run my code:

1) Download jdk1.2.2 from Install in default location

2) Download Java3D (2 parts) from Install in default

3) Put C:\jdk1.2.2\bin in PATH.

4) Download visad.jar from VisAD home page. Put it in C:\MyFolder. Put
C:\MyFolder\visad.jar in CLASSPATH.

5) Download MyCode.jar. Put it in C:\MyFolder. Put
C:\MyFolder\MyCode.jar in CLASSPATH.


"Galikeev, Tagir E" wrote:
> Thanks for your helpful replies,
> I have VisAD up and running and looked through examples provided. Great
> software!
> I've found what I was doing wrong and summarizing the correct way below, may
> be it will be worthwhile to put some of it into README file with
> installation notes for VisAD (Windows NT instructions). I am sure it will
> save time to idiots like me or who went from Unix to WinNT.
> Hardware: Compaq, EN500, 128MB RAM
> OS: Windows NT 4.0 SP4
> Java: Platform 2 JDK1.2.2
> Java 3D: 1.1.3
> Compiler used: nmake which came with Visual C++
> 1. Installed JDK1.2.2 in <installdir>;
> 2. Installed Java 3D in <installdir>;
> 3. Followed instructions in VisAD README file (pay attention to CLASSPATH
> and set it under Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Environment);
> 4. compiled VisAD using nmake as described in VisAD's README;
> 5. added every jar file to my CLASSPATH variable from
> <installdir>/jre/lib/ext/ directory;
> 6. added <installdir>/jre/bin path to the PATH variable (also under
> Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Environment), system needs to find
> necessary dlls;
> All examples worked like a charm.
> Thanks for your help once again,
> Tagir.

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