RE: problems with examples

Thanks for your helpful replies,

I have VisAD up and running and looked through examples provided. Great

I've found what I was doing wrong and summarizing the correct way below, may
be it will be worthwhile to put some of it into README file with
installation notes for VisAD (Windows NT instructions). I am sure it will
save time to idiots like me or who went from Unix to WinNT.

Hardware: Compaq, EN500, 128MB RAM
OS: Windows NT 4.0 SP4
Java: Platform 2 JDK1.2.2
Java 3D: 1.1.3
Compiler used: nmake which came with Visual C++

1. Installed JDK1.2.2 in <installdir>;
2. Installed Java 3D in <installdir>;
3. Followed instructions in VisAD README file (pay attention to CLASSPATH
and set it under Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Environment);
4. compiled VisAD using nmake as described in VisAD's README;
5. added every jar file to my CLASSPATH variable from
<installdir>/jre/lib/ext/ directory;
6. added <installdir>/jre/bin path to the PATH variable (also under
Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Environment), system needs to find
necessary dlls;

All examples worked like a charm.

Thanks for your help once again,

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> Tagir,
> VisAD does not yet support Java3D 1.2.  Try switching from the beta
> back to Java3D 1.1.3.  I'm not even sure Java3D 1.2 beta is compatible
> with JDK 1.2... you might need to be running the JDK 1.3 beta for it
> to work properly.  But the safest course would be to stick with
> JDK 1.2 and Java3D 1.1.
> Curtis
> At 15:54 3/21/00 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I just downloaded and compiled, following README instructions, VisAD
> engine
> >using nmake on my Windows NT box without obvious problems, but I have
> >problems trying to run examples. 
> >
> >For instance, when I am trying to run Test07(java DisplayTest 7) example
> I
> >am getting:
> >Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
> >     at
> >visad.java3d.DisplayImplJ3D.getDefaultDisplayRenderer(
> ,
> >Compiled Code)
> >     at visad.DisplayImpl.<init><, Compiled Code)
> >     at visad.java3d.DisplayImplJ3D.<init><
> >     at visad.java3d.DisplayImplJ3D.<init><
> >     at Test07.setupServerDisplays(, Compiled Code)
> >     at TestSkeleton.startThreads(, Compiled Code)
> >     at DisplayTest.main(, Compiled Code)
> >
> >TestNN examples produce similar errors to Test07 errors.
> >
> >In Earth example I am getting the following after submitting "java Earth
> >":
> >Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
> >javax/media/j3d/GeometryArray
> >
> >This is my first experience with running Java on NT platform (was running
> it
> >before on SGI and Linux). Steering me in the right direction will be
> greatly
> >appreciated. I am running Java 2 SDK SE v1.2.2 and Java 3D 1.2 Beta SDK.
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >Tagir.