Re: missing ms and rmi classes on NT

> > Anybody knows a non comand line tool (GUI) for compiling AND debugging
> > on NT/98, apart from VJ++ ?
> They must exist, but I'm strictly a vi and jdb guy.

I'm using IBM's VisualAge for Java2, version 3.0. I had no problems
importing Java 3d and VisAD. One gotcha was that I had to adjust the
ClassPath per application *within* VAJ (visual age for java), but there is a
"Compute ClassPath" button to help you the first time or two.

VAJ is much like IBM's smalltalk environment in look and feel.
(Unfortunately the strong typing of Java keeps reminding me of the
differences... ;)

VAJ has scratch-pads that allow you to highlight code, execute it (in any
class context) and browse the data created; it is invaluable for code
testing while prototyping.

I tried V Cafe, but was unimpressed. Also, simple editors like vi are very
poor for working with object oriented code and encourage monster functions.

Caveat: when I run J3D applications, my Win98 crashes sometimes. I believe
this is because the openGL tickles some bug on my no-name graphics card. The
warning is this: if you use VAJ, learn how to backup the work-space file,
and do so immediately after your install, and after you make major changes
to the environment (i.e. code generation traits, etc.). Even though VAJ
comes with built-in version control that works, and does not lose data when
the system crashes, if the workspace gets corrupted, VAJ may come up
headless or not start at all. In this case, you need to restore  the
workspace file from your backup. Needless to say, you should also back up
the code repository frequently... at least daily.

Good Luck,
Cameron Sanders

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