missing ms and rmi classes on NT


I am new to VisAd and I am trying to compile ( on Windows NT ) the source both with Visual J++ and with the nmake utility.
Searching tru the archives I did not find answers to these 2 problems:

1- Compiling the example file Test00 with VJ++ I get an error in the line
import java.rmi.RemoteException;

Udefined package java.rmi

2 Using your supplied makefile I get these errors

Form1.java:1: Package com.ms.wfc.app not found in import.
import com.ms.wfc.app.*;


It seems that the command line tool finds the java.rmi
while J++ does not.


A sugestion : in your readme file you should say that Java3D must be installed on the JRE directory of jdk1.2.2 Anybody knows a non comand line tool (GUI) for compiling AND debugging Visad on NT/98, apart from VJ++ ?

Pedro Silva

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