HDF5 adapter

Bill, et al.,

I use spreadsheet to open an HDF5 file with multiple datasets.
The spreadsheet correctly displays the first dataset by default. 
Using the spreadsheet tool, "Edit mappings", I clear the first
dataset from display and add the second dataset in the display.
The cell panel then is all white. When I go back to the first dataset,
everything is OK again. I am sure the datasets are OK. The function
type for the file is
(((dim0, dim1 -> Float2Darray1),
 ((dim0, dim1 -> Int2Darray1))

Could you tell what may go wrong ? Did you display file with
multiple datasets before ?


Peter Xiangchi Cao
Tel. (217) 244-3830
Fax. (217) 244-1987
Scientific Data Technologies Division
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

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