somewhat newbie-ish question re netCDF

hi all,

i'm trying to start using VisAD via the gentle route of using the
spreadsheet to display some netCDF files (produced by someone else in my

as i understand her output, it's basically x,y,z,t with a dimensionless
number called "fraction" as the result.  visad opens the file and even
steps through the time series, but throws the following error message
and displays nothing inside the wireframe cube:

Couldn't decode attribute snof:units="fraction": Unit not in database

other than asking her to assign a fake unit to it (e.g., "just say it's
temperature in degrees Rankine!"), do you know offhand how to get visad
to like such an input?


"By filing this 'Bug Report' you have challenged the honor
of my family.  Prepare to die!"

 -- from "Things Likely To Be Overheard If You Had
A Klingon Programmer"

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