Re: SpreadSheet problem


>When a SpreadSheet is saved as a file and reopened later, the mappings
>are lost.  The problem lies on line 957 of the BasicSSCell code:
>        ScalarType domain = ScalarType.getScalarTypeByName(
>                            (String) dnames.elementAt(j));
>"domain" ends up being null.

I tested the SpreadSheet's spreadsheet file support (the "Setup" menu)
on both Windows NT and Solaris, and I didn't encounter any problems.
The saved files loaded fine, including the data mappings.

If you are encountering this error with a specific data file, please
send me the file if possible so that I can track down the problem.
If the error occurs with all your data sets, then make sure you have
the latest release of VisAD.

>It is not clear how ScalarVector would have been initialized.  How can
>this be fixed?

ScalarVector is a static field of the ScalarType class that contains
a list of all ScalarTypes created so far in that JVM.  It is
initialized and added to as ScalarType objects are created.


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