SpreadSheet problem

When a SpreadSheet is saved as a file and reopened later, the mappings
are lost.  The problem lies on line 957 of the BasicSSCell code:

        ScalarType domain = ScalarType.getScalarTypeByName(
                            (String) dnames.elementAt(j));

"domain" ends up being null.

The code for the getScalarTypeByName method looks like this:

  public static ScalarType getScalarTypeByName(String name) {
    Enumeration scalars = ScalarVector.elements();
    while (scalars.hasMoreElements()) {
      ScalarType scalar = (ScalarType) scalars.nextElement();
      if (name.equals(scalar.Name)) {
        return scalar;
    return null;

It is not clear how ScalarVector would have been initialized.  How can
this be fixed?

John Brecht
SRI International
Center for Technology in Learning
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA  94025
650-859-2325 (voice)
650-859-3673 (fax)

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