Re: util control?

Hi Martin,

First, I am no make expert so will defer to Dave Glowacki on
technical issues about our Makefile.

> I am just trying to compile visad and have some rather strange experiences:
> - Wouldn't it be better to have the Makefile in the root directory
>   instead of visad? You wouldn't need to set a CLASSPATH

I'm not sure I understand.  You need to set a CLASSPATH as described
in the VisAD README file in order to run VisAD programs.  And I
believe that you need to set a CLASSPATH in order to compile.

> - The Makefile contains /bin/true and false, but they're in /usr/bin
>   on my system (FreeBSD). Would be nice to have at least a variable

Over my head.  Dave will have to answer this.

> - why are visad.* classes not imported in the util classes? I get errors
>   of not finding classes from the visad package there. Other similar errors
>   with for exampler ucar.netcdf classes.

Many classes in visad/util do 'import visad.*;' - the others don't
depend on VisAD classes.

If you get errors of not finding classes from the visad package, that
could indicate that you need to set your CLASSPATH to include the
parent of the visad directory.

> - Why are distributions different, but have equal numbers?  A few weeks ago
>   I downloaded the  visad_src-2.0.jar from the german mirror, which
>   had a smaller size and didn't contain the Spline demo programs-

I decided to give up on detailed version numbers for VisAD because
we often update the source daily for bug fixes.  Instead of a
detailed version number, the distribution includes a DATE file with
the date and time the jar file was created.

Also, I often let the "mirror" site at DKRZ get out of date, partly
because there is less nedd for it now that bandwidths between Europe
and North America are not as bad as they used to be.

So sorry about these housekeeping imperfections.  But the good news
is that when people report bugs in VisAD, the fix is usually on our
ftp server within 24 hours.

Bill Hibbard, SSEC, 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI  53706
hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  608-263-4427  fax: 608-263-6738

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