Re: util control?

I am just trying to compile visad and have some rather strange experiences: 
- Wouldn't it be better to have the Makefile in the root directory
  instead of visad? You wouldn't need to set a CLASSPATH
- The Makefile contains /bin/true and false, but they're in /usr/bin
  on my system (FreeBSD). Would be nice to have at least a variable
- why are visad.* classes not imported in the util classes? I get errors
  of not finding classes from the visad package there. Other similar errors
  with for exampler ucar.netcdf classes.
- Why are distributions different, but have equal numbers?  A few weeks ago
  I downloaded the  visad_src-2.0.jar from the german mirror, which
  had a smaller size and didn't contain the Spline demo programs- 


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