Re: Domain, Range

Hey Bill,

> The names are taken from the domain and range of functions.
> So for example in a time series of temperatures, time is
> the domain and temperature is the range.  That is, temperature
> is a function of time.  But in computer data, the function is
> represented by a finite number of samples, called a Field.
> These samples are taken at a finite set of time values, hence
> the 'domain Set' of the Field is just this set of time values.
> The temperature values at these times may be called 'range
> values' or 'sample values' or just 'samples'.

Thanks for the excellent clarification.  If it's not too much trouble, 
however, I still need a few things cleared up.

First off, would I be correct in assuming that the domain is essentially your
independent variable while the range is your dependent? 

And supposing that I use my flightPath example s an illustration.  The
RealTupleType "position" is the conglomeration of the RealTypes lat., lon.,
and alt.  I'm not using time as a variable, so would it make sense to have
position serve as my domain? 

Somehow, I feel like I'm a little off-base with that assumption.  It 
doesn't seem to jive with the fact that when I set these values into my 
FlatField object, I have to use the method setSamples().  And since you 
just told me that 'samples' is analagous with 'range', it seems like the 
RealTupleType position should still be in the range.  But if that's the 
case, then I'm left wondering what the domain should be.

Thanks again,
Vikram Vatsa <v.vatsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Computer Sciences Corporation

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