Re: java3D

>These are the errors i receive when trying to run a 3D application on
> The files were taken from the VisAD spreadSheet web

Here are some excerpts from the "Known Bugs" section of the Spread Sheet's
readme file,  These errors are normal, and while annoying, they
will not prevent you from importing data sets into the Spread Sheet.

>A nonfatal internal JIT (3.10.107(x)) error 'regvar' has occurred in :
>  'visad/data/DefaultFamily$ ()Z': Interpreting method.
>  Please report this error in detail to

3) In Windows, the first time a data set is imported, an error beginning with
   "A nonfatal internal JIT (3.00.078(x)) error 'regvar' has occurred"
   is displayed.  This error occurs whenever a VisAD application makes use
   of the method, and is a problem with the
   Symantec JIT compiler for Windows.  This error is harmless and data sets
   are still imported correctly (i.e., ignore this error message).

>Couldn't decode attribute rpt_date:units="YYYYDDMM UTC": Unit not in database
>Couldn't decode attribute rpt_time:units="HHMM UTC": Unit not in database
. . .

4) When importing certain netCDF data sets, a series of errors beginning with
   "Couldn't decode attribute" may be displayed.  These are warnings the netCDF
   loader prints about unit types.  The Spread Sheet will still import the
   netCDF data set correctly (i.e., these warnings can be safely ignored).


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