Compile errors

I received 7 errors when using the Makefile for NT.  is there an easy way
to fix this?  thanks.

C:\visad\visad>"c:\program files\devstudio\vc\bin\nmake" -f Makefile.WinNT

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 1.62.7022
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1988-1997. All rights reserved.

        if exist *.class del *.class
        if exist java3d\*.class del java3d\*.class
        if exist java2d\*.class del java2d\*.class
        if exist util\*.class del util\*.class
        if exist formula\*.class del formula\*.class
        if exist ss\*.class del ss\*.class
        if exist data\*.class del data\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\*.class del data\netcdf\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\units\*.class del data\netcdf\units\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\in\*.class del data\netcdf\in\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\out\*.class del data\netcdf\out\*.class
        if exist data\fits\*.class del data\fits\*.class
        if exist ..\nom\tam\fits\*.class del ..\nom\tam\fits\*.class
        if exist ..\nom\tam\util\*.class del ..\nom\tam\util\*.class
        if exist ..\nom\tam\test\*.class del ..\nom\tam\test\*.class
        if exist ..\ucar\multiarray\*.class del ..\ucar\multiarray\*.class
        if exist ..\ucar\netcdf\*.class del ..\ucar\netcdf\*.class
        if exist ..\ucar\tests\*.class del ..\ucar\tests\*.class
        if exist data\hdfeos\*.class del data\hdfeos\*.class
        if exist data\hdfeos\hdfeosc\*.class del
        if exist data\vis5d\*.class del data\vis5d\*.class
        if exist ..\edu\wisc\ssec\mcidas\*.class del
        if exist data\mcidas\*.class del data\mcidas\*.class
        if exist data\gif\*.class del data\gif\*.class
        if exist data\visad\*.class del data\visad\*.class
        if exist jmet\*.class del jmet\*.class
        if exist paoloa\*.class del paoloa\*.class
        if exist paoloa\spline\*.class del paoloa\spline\*.class
        if exist aune\*.class del aune\*.class
        if exist benjamin\*.class del benjamin\*.class
        if exist rabin\*.class del rabin\*.class
        if exist bom\*.class del bom\*.class
        if exist examples\*.class del examples\*.class
        javac -J-mx32m *.java Class visad.util.ThreadPool not found in import.
import visad.util.ThreadPool;
       ^ Class visad.java3d.DisplayImplJ3D not found in import.
import visad.java3d.DisplayImplJ3D;
       ^ Class visad.util.DataUtility not found in import.
import visad.util.DataUtility;
       ^ Undefined variable, class, or package name: visad
            ^ Class visad.util.Delay not found.
    new visad.util.Delay(millis);
                  ^ Class visad.java2d.ShadowTypeJ2D not
                            !(shadow_api instanceof
visad.java2d.ShadowTypeJ2D) &&
                                                                ^ Class visad.java2d.ShadowTypeJ2D not
            shadow_api instanceof visad.java2d.ShadowTypeJ2D) {
7 errors
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'javac' : return code '0x1'


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