Re: Error when running SpreadSheet or MiniSheet

Another comment:

> >At the command line the following error was reported
> >
> >A non fatal internal JIT (3.00.078(x)) erro 'regvar' has occured in :
> >'visad/data/DefaultFamily$ () Z' :
> >Interpreting method

this error message also appears with the latest update to the Symantec
JIT (ver 3.10.100) -- but there are other problems using that version
which need to be reported to Sun/Symatec.  Basically, I could not use
this update with VisAD and had to revert to version 3.00.078 (the
version which comes with JDK1.2).


Tom Whittaker  (tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Engineering Center
Phone/Voicemail: 608/262-2759  
Fax: 608/263-6738

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