Re: Error when running SpreadSheet or MiniSheet

Hi John,

>At the command line the following error was reported
>A non fatal internal JIT (3.00.078(x)) erro 'regvar' has occured in :
>'visad/data/DefaultFamily$ () Z' :
>Interpreting method

We did some experimenting on NT and found that after disabling
the JIT compiler, the above error did not occur.  However, still failed to display when time is mapped to animation.
We also found that sometimes the animated display would work
by opening the dataset twice.  I'm able able to get the animation to
work on NT box with pre-final (beta) versions of jdk1.2 and java3d.

>java.exe Application error
>The instruction at 0x695942a3 referenced memory at 0x00000000.
>The memory could not be read.

We could not duplicate this error in any case, you may have
to double check the system requirements for Java2 and Java3d.

Since we are unable to duplicate any of this on the Solaris
side, these problems are unlikely to be the result of
problems in the VisAD core system.  The next step is for us
to report the problems to SUN and keep you and the visad-list
up to date on any developments.

In the meantime, there are a wide range of examples in the
visad.examples package which demonstrate the capability of
VisAD, and provide application source code examples.

Thanks for you patience,


Tom Rink                                             rink@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Space Science and Engineering Center          Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: 608-265-2324

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