Can run visad with MS OpenGL driver


I downloaded the MS OpenGL driver as Curtis told, and now visad seems
running well, except it's slow without hardware acceleration.

Thank you, Curtis.


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On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Curtis Rueden wrote:

> >I am new to visad. After compiling visad (with jdk1.2beta4 and java3d), it
> >seems that I can not get correct result when running it. For example,
> >after I typed "java GeoDisplay" or "java Simple", I always got nothing but
> >some black-white lines in the widget generated. I met similar problem when
> >using spreadsheet and loading files like, or sphere.jpg. 
> >  
> >what's wrong with this? 
> This problem indicates that your OpenGL driver has bugs.  If you are running
> Solaris, you need OpenGL version 1.1.1 with patch 106022-03 or later.
> To find out more about OpenGL patches for Solaris, visit:
> If you are running Windows NT, make sure you have the latest drivers for your
> graphics acceleration card.  It is possible that even the latest drivers for
> your card have bugs.  If so, you should install Microsoft's OpenGL drivers,
> available at:
> These drivers will not use hardware acceleration, but seem to work fine
> (although a bit slowly) with Windows NT.
> Let the list know if you still have problems.
> -Curtis
> --
> Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, (608) 262-7288
> VisAD home page:

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