Re: visad compile error

> It appears that the java compiler can't find the Java3D classes.  This
> is consistent with a missing or improper Java3D installation.  The
> Java3D package is separate from JDK1.2beta4 and must be installed
> separately (though on a Sparc system it does unpack into a
> previously-existing JDK1.2 installation).  For information on how to
> install Java3D, see the following URL:
> Steve Emmerson   <>


    The Java3D package has been installed.  By default, the libraries
    (,, and are installed in
    /usr/java/lib/sparc and the Java classes (j3daudio.jar, j3dcore.jar,
    j3dutils.jar, and vecmath.jar) are in /usr/java/lib/ext.


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