Re: Mapping

        You really want to use a GIS - even for quicklook to avoid
reinventing wheel. 
        I would recommend Khoros which has GIS toolbox - 
       as alternative there is a good o'l grass 
         which comes with source and so is ultimately extensible

both have a learning curve - at least few weeks 
 for more alternatives join the geoweb or gis-l list ...
peter mikes pom@xxxxxxxx

Jim Cole wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currently involved with the reduction and analysis of
> meteorological satellite data, primarily from polar orbiters. I would
> like to put together some "quicklook" displays for visualizing our data
> at various stages throughout the processing. Once the data has been
> geolocated, it would be desirable to map it and lay in coastlines and
> possibly additional boundaries and topography. To a large degree I will
> be working with 2D imagery, at least at first, and I have been informed
> that tools such as IDL and MatLab can handle the mapping. However,
> I would like to start our work with a more flexible, extensible,  and
> network friendly tool. So, the question. Does VisAD include utilities or
> even appropriate hooks for efficiently implementing image mapping? If
> so, could someone point me in the right the direction? If not, any other
> suggestions that avoid IDL and MatLab?
> Thanks,
> Jim Cole

 Peter O.B. Mikes      pom@xxxxxxxx

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