I am currently involved with the reduction and analysis of
meteorological satellite data, primarily from polar orbiters. I would
like to put together some "quicklook" displays for visualizing our data
at various stages throughout the processing. Once the data has been
geolocated, it would be desirable to map it and lay in coastlines and
possibly additional boundaries and topography. To a large degree I will
be working with 2D imagery, at least at first, and I have been informed
that tools such as IDL and MatLab can handle the mapping. However,
I would like to start our work with a more flexible, extensible,  and
network friendly tool. So, the question. Does VisAD include utilities or
even appropriate hooks for efficiently implementing image mapping? If
so, could someone point me in the right the direction? If not, any other
suggestions that avoid IDL and MatLab?


Jim Cole

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