[thredds] S3 data storage not working

Hi THREDDS people

I am trying to run THREDDS with this catalog.xml file:


using the unidata/thredds-docker:4.6.15 docker image which I believe should
support using S3 as a storage backend.

But I get this error in catalogInit.log:

You are currently running TDS version 4.6.15 - 2020-06-16T13:36:16-0600
Latest Available TDS Version Info:
    latest development version = 5.0.0-beta8
    latest stable version = 4.6.15

initCatalogs(): initializing 1 root catalogs.

Catalog init catalog.xml
initCatalog catalog.xml -> /usr/local/tomcat/content/thredds/catalog.xml

-------readCatalog(): full
path=/usr/local/tomcat/content/thredds/catalog.xml; path=catalog.xml
----Catalog Validation

*** ERROR DataRootConfig path =s3-test directory= <cdms3:noaa-goes16/> does
not exist
  add static catalog to hash=catalog.xml

Did I misconfigure something?

Best Regards

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