Re: [thredds] TDS keeps open deleted files

  • To: Arild Burud <arildb@xxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [thredds] TDS keeps open deleted files
  • From: Sean Arms <sarms@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2020 17:48:09 -0600
Greetings Arild!

Because opening a file in Java can be an expensive (time-wise) operation,
the TDS employs a file handle cache. What you are likely seeing is a result
of that particular cache. The cache is controlled by settings in
threddsConfig.xml, which are outlined here:

The defaults behavior is:

* If the number of open files goes over 500 OR every 11 minutes (whichever
happens first), reduce the number of file handles in the cache to a total
of 400 by removing them in the order of least recently used.

Appropriate values for this setting are very much server dependent. If you
want to be sure files are deleted as soon as possible, then you would want
to disable the file handle cache all together by setting the maximum number
to zero (which will impact server performance). Otherwise, the open
question revolves around the balance between:

1. How many files are repeatedly accessed over a given period of time
2. How often those files are deleted

Again, that's highly dependent on the server and typical access patterns of
the users.

There is also a NetcdfFile object cache that works the same way, but has a
different default behavior:

  * If the number of NetcdfFile objects goes over 150 OR every 12 minutes
(whichever happens first), reduce the number of NetcdfFile objects in the
cache to a total of 100 by removing them in the order of least recently

Each NetcdfFile object, I believe, will correspond to one or more files
(aggregations, for example, may have be more than one actual file), so
there could be situations where the cache settings across these two caches
combined with usage patterns could result in unexpected behaviors with
regards to changing data files on disk. In any case, the cache related
links in the admin/debug interface of the TDS might be helpful:



On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 7:41 AM Arild Burud <arildb@xxxxxx> wrote:

> We are using TDS 4.6.14 and I have recently been aware of a problem:
> We use an NFS server for our repository of netcdf-files, but in some
> datasets older files are frequently deleted to make space for more recent
> files, some as frequent as several times per day.
> Now we see that the TDS server is keeping file handles open after files
> have been deleted, but I can see from the threddsServlet.log messages like :
>  ... ERROR - ucar.nc2.util.cache.FileCache - FileCache RandomAccessFile
> close failed on
> And the file handle to is kept open until the next reboot of
> the TDS server.
> To make this worse, the file server behind the NFS will not (permanently)
> delete files from the disks before all file handles are closed, so these
> files keep filling up disk space long after deletion.
> This failure to close files seems like a bug in the TDS, has anyone seen
> this before and found a solution to avoid it?
> Arild Burud
> MET Norway
> Arild.Burud@xxxxxx - Senior Engineer -
> MET Norway, Box 43 Blindern, NO-0313 Oslo
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