[thredds] TDS keeps open deleted files

We are using TDS 4.6.14 and I have recently been aware of a problem:
We use an NFS server for our repository of netcdf-files, but in some
datasets older files are frequently deleted to make space for more recent
files, some as frequent as several times per day.
Now we see that the TDS server is keeping file handles open after files
have been deleted, but I can see from the threddsServlet.log messages like :
 ... ERROR - ucar.nc2.util.cache.FileCache - FileCache RandomAccessFile
close failed on foobar.nc
And the file handle to foobar.nc is kept open until the next reboot of the
TDS server.
To make this worse, the file server behind the NFS will not (permanently)
delete files from the disks before all file handles are closed, so these
files keep filling up disk space long after deletion.
This failure to close files seems like a bug in the TDS, has anyone seen
this before and found a solution to avoid it?

Arild Burud
MET Norway

Arild.Burud@xxxxxx - Senior Engineer - https://met.no
MET Norway, Box 43 Blindern, NO-0313 Oslo
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