Re: [thredds] data won't return from

Greetings Spicer,

It looks like you have solved the issue? I was having problems the other
day as well. I downloaded the files locally to see if I could reproduce the
issue, and I am unable to do so now. However, I do see something that might
cause an issue down the road. The dimension order on some of the variables
in the latest file does not match what is in other files. For example, if
we compare the latest file:

with next latest file:

The dimensionality of latitude, longitude, northing, and easting switch
from (xFRF, yFRF) (20191206) to (yFRF, xFRF) (20200113).Might not be a big
issue overall since the use of an NcML file on the server (as opposed to
NcML directly in the catalog) uses the first file of the aggregation as



On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 3:03 PM Spicer Bak <spicer.bak.frf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> hello TDS community,
> I have a problem I'm quite pickled on.  We had a dataset that was working
> fine until (i think) we pushed the latest file.  Our server is continually
> updated with new files and all of the other datasets seem to work fine.
> I'm able to get the data from the individual file URLS, but not the time
> concatenated ncml file.  I can display the file or variables, but not
> obtain any of the data through OPeNDAP, but i'm able to see the data
> returned via the "get ASCII" button on the OPeNDAP page.  The below python
> script demonstrates the problem:
> # success with ncml:
> # Failure with python (matlab as well)
> import netCDF4 as nc
> for url in urls:
>     print(nc.Dataset(url)['time'])
>     variables= nc.Dataset(url).variables.keys()
>     for var in variables:
>         try:
>             nc.Dataset(url)[var][0]
>             print('Success! {} from {}'.format(var, url))
>         except IndexError as e:
>             print("won't load variable {} from {}".format(var, url))
>             print('    {}'.format(e))
> Any help would be much appreciated!
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