Re: [thredds] ncWMS/Thredds source code management

Thanks, Ethan, that is a huge help. I will report back if I encounter any problems.

I have submitted some patches for ncWMS large source grids to Jon, who has I think has incorporated some of these in trunk. Soon I may have more functionality to add. At the moment we are supporting users on TDS 4.2.

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On 14/08/12 05:33, Ethan Davis wrote:
Hi Ben,

For TDS 4.2, I have a local working copy of the SVN branch you mention
below. I have made a number of changes locally. Many of these changes
are simply patches of some later work from the SVN trunk. The main
change is the addition of a TDS specific Ant build file (buildTds.xml)
which restricts the Java classes included in the .war and the -src.jar
files. The files that are not included are parts of ncWMS that the TDS
does not use (e.g., the ncWMS configuration and some of its logging).

Unfortunately, I've never gotten around to working with Jon and company
to fold all these changes back into that SVN branch. Mainly because our
current focus is on updating to the ncWMS trunk (1.0R3) for TDS 4.3.

For TDS 4.3 (not yet our stable release), our changes are on gitHub in
the ethanrd/ncWMS repository in the "tdsPackaging" branch:

If you need to stick with 4.2 until 4.3 is stable, I'm attaching a patch
file that contains my changes for TDS 4.2.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


On 8/13/2012 1:55 AM, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:

other than a few lines, the ncwms-src.jar included with Thredds 4.2.6 is
the same as the maintenance branch created for this purpose:

I notice that the ncwms-src.jar included with Thredds 4.2.10 has many
differences, including 35 removed files:

The svn logs suggest there have been some patches applied.

I also found this: "Also pulled TdsRequestedDataset our of WMS code so
could be used by ncISO (and elsewhere) if desired." Does this apply to

(1) Is the source for ncwms-src.jar checked into any public version
control system?

(2) What happened to the removed files?

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