[thredds] ncWMS/Thredds source code management


other than a few lines, the ncwms-src.jar included with Thredds 4.2.6 is the same as the maintenance branch created for this purpose:

I notice that the ncwms-src.jar included with Thredds 4.2.10 has many differences, including 35 removed files:

The svn logs suggest there have been some patches applied.

I also found this: "Also pulled TdsRequestedDataset our of WMS code so could be used by ncISO (and elsewhere) if desired." Does this apply to ncWMS?

(1) Is the source for ncwms-src.jar checked into any public version control system?

(2) What happened to the removed files?

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <Ben.Caradoc-Davies@xxxxxxxx>
Software Engineer
CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering
Australian Resources Research Centre

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