Re: [thredds] restricted access to fileServer-downloads?

On 7/20/2011 6:30 AM, Remon Sadikni wrote:
Dear THREDDS team,

I managed to set up restricted access to OPeNDAP-URLs and specific folders like it is shown on:

That is very nice, but I did not manage to get the fileServer-Download restiction working. I added the following code to tomcat's web.xml:

<web-resource-name>restrict by URL</web-resource-name>

The first Link (OPeNDAP) is restricted via username / pass form, but the HTTPServer-Download not. What is wrong with my code?

Thank you very much,

Hi Remon:

im guessing that after your browser is automatically validating you after the first time. try clearing your browser cache, or try a different browser, or use a tool like "Live Http Headers" (firefox) to see whats really going on.


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