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On 7/4/2011 10:47 AM, Comiskey, Glenn wrote:
Currently testing the use of <catalogRoot> element in threddsConfig.xml. I understand the syntax readily enough, i.e. file $TOMCAT_HOME\content\thredds\forecasts\nmi.xml results in <catalogRoot>forecasts/nmi.xml</catalogRoot>, and if I put this in threddsConfig.xml I can access the catalog via http://<server>:<port>/thredds/forecasts/nmi.html <http://%3Cserver%3E:%3Cport%3E/thredds/forecasts/nmi.html> and browse the catalog as normal. However, the URL link associated with the text "Initial TDS Installation", as defined in threddsConfig.xml <serverInformation></serverInformation>, and displayed at the bottom of the catalog opening page and at the top of the dataset description pages always refers back to http://<server>:<port>/thredds/catalog.html <http://%3Cserver%3E:%3Cport%3E/thredds/catalog.html>. Is there anyway of make each <catalogRoot> reference it's own root, i.e. URL link back to http://<server>:<port>/forecasts/nmi.html <http://%3Cserver%3E:%3Cport%3E/forecasts/nmi.html> rather than the default http://<server>:<port>/thredds/catalog.html <http://%3Cserver%3E:%3Cport%3E/thredds/catalog.html>.
Kind regards,
Glenn Comiskey
Data System Administrator

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Hi Glenn:

The idea with catalogRoot is to serve non-public catalogs. If you want catalogs to be public, then link to them from the main catalog.xml.

So the answer is no, we dont have the ability to customize the catalogRoots. Can you explain what your use case is?

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