[thredds] threddsConfig.xml - <catalogRoot>

Currently testing the use of <catalogRoot> element in threddsConfig.xml.
I understand the syntax readily enough, i.e. file
$TOMCAT_HOME\content\thredds\forecasts\nmi.xml results in
<catalogRoot>forecasts/nmi.xml</catalogRoot>, and if I put this in
threddsConfig.xml I can access the catalog via
http://<server>:<port>/thredds/forecasts/nmi.html and browse the catalog
as normal. However, the URL link associated with the text "Initial TDS
Installation", as defined in threddsConfig.xml
<serverInformation></serverInformation>, and displayed at the bottom of
the catalog opening page and at the top of the dataset description pages
always refers back to http://<server>:<port>/thredds/catalog.html.
Is there anyway of make each <catalogRoot> reference it's own root, i.e.
URL link back to http://<server>:<port>/forecasts/nmi.html rather than
the default http://<server>:<port>/thredds/catalog.html.
Kind regards,
Glenn Comiskey
Data System Administrator
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