Re: [thredds] Fwd: Release Announcement: CPU11_01 Java SE Critical Patch Update

Hi John:

I reinstalled everything clean and copied the catalogs back in.  It appears to 
be giving this for every file in our catalog where there is an aggregation.  
Are expressions like this generated somehow in TDS?  If so, is there a logging 
option that turns it off?  This started the same day we switched to the new 
java, though reverting to the old java did not help either.



On Feb 22, 2011, at 3:31 PM, John Caron wrote:

> On 2/22/2011 4:01 PM, Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
>> We did this update.  Do to some other problems, I noticed our catalina.out 
>> was huge.  We got expressions like:
>> regexp .*\.nc$ on regexp .*\.nc$ on 
>> /u00/satellite/cwtest2/aqua/modis/mercator/chlora/D1/MODSCW_P2009106_C3_1755_1930_1935_GM05_closest_chlor
>> match=true
>> that are filling up our catalina.out .  No other changes were made.  Even 
>> switching back to out old java does not seem to correct this.
>> Any ideas of what is going on?
>> -Roy
> any chance theres a classpath problem, eg a spurious netcdf.jar from an old 
> version ?
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