Re: [thredds] Tomcat 7

Hi Roy,

I ran TDS under Tomcat 7 to try out a few things with WMS. Immediately
ran into some JSP issues that blocked me from trying what I wanted to
try and so did no further testing.

My conclusion: TDS started up and initialized under Tomcat 7 without any
obvious problems (no bad log messages or anything). As is, the WMS
service will not work under Tomcat 7. I would expect everything else to
work but I haven't actually tried anything else.

*Details on JSP issues* Tomcat 7 implements the JSP 2.2 specification
which evidently is stricter on the reserved words it allows in JSP code.
Existing WMS JSP uses some of those reserved words (e.g., "abstract")
which means some of the WMS JSP code can't be compiled.


On 12/16/2010 4:00 PM, Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
> Any tested THREDDS with Tomcat 7?  Any comments?
> Thanks,
> -Roy

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