Re: [thredds] FMRC URL's: dataset name now matters in TDS 4.2

On 11/29/2010 5:13 PM, John Maurer, IV wrote:
Hi All,
Prior to TDS 4.2, you used to be able to change the name of a dataset without adversely affecting the URL to its FMRC components (Best Time Series, Constant Forecast, etc.). Although the title is used to construct the URL, everything up to the final _best.ncd used to be arbitrary. Now I'm finding that a change in the dataset name will break the FMRC URL's. For example:

The name gets appended to _best.ncd: "WRF Oahu Regional Atmospheric Model (1.5km)". It used to not matter what went before _best.ncd, and in fact you could even just use the following URL:

Now if I change that name to something else (e.g. "WRF Oahu Regional Atmospheric Model"), the old URL breaks because it's now expecting the following:

Is this the new way it will behave or is it a bug that can be fixed?

Hi John:

I thought I was fixing a problem. Is there a reason you prefer it the previous way?

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