[thredds] FMRC URL's: dataset name now matters in TDS 4.2

Hi All,
Prior to TDS 4.2, you used to be able to change the name of a dataset without 
adversely affecting the URL to its FMRC components (Best Time Series, Constant 
Forecast, etc.). Although the title is used to construct the URL, everything up 
to the final _best.ncd used to be arbitrary. Now I'm finding that a change in 
the dataset name will break the FMRC URL's. For example:


The name gets appended to _best.ncd: "WRF Oahu Regional Atmospheric Model 
(1.5km)". It used to not matter what went before _best.ncd, and in fact you 
could even just use the following URL:


Now if I change that name to something else (e.g. "WRF Oahu Regional 
Atmospheric Model"), the old URL breaks because it's now expecting the 


Is this the new way it will behave or is it a bug that can be fixed?
John Maurer
Hawaii Ocean Observing System (HiOOS)
University of Hawaii at Mano
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