Re: [thredds] 4.2 WMS troubles

Hi Mike, Phil,

On 11/23/2010 2:10 PM, Mike Grogan wrote:
> John and All,
> We are seeing some WMS issues moving from 4.1 to 4.2.  Specifically:
> 1.  A black image (no data I assume) is being returned for the entire
> spatial domain of our datasets.

I'm guessing this has to do with the change in the way the WMS code
determines the default color scale range. Basically, the default range
for all data is -50,50 though that can be configured [1] and there are
extensions to the standard that allow specifying a range in a request
[2]. (There was a good discussion about the reasons for this change on
this email list back in Sept [3].)


[2] (see the


> 2.  There are way significantly fewer available projections in
> GetCapabilities for 4.2 versus 4.1  (as in 6 versus several hundred in 4.1)

Yes. In 4.1, the list basically included all the CRS available from the
geotoolkit package. It felt like a bit of overkill. The list has been
trimmed down and we are looking at making it configurable.

> 3.  GetLegendGraphic requests yield HTTP 500 errors - Internal Server Error

Can you look in your threddsServlog.log files and see if you are getting
any error message?

Hope that helps,


> 4.  Interestingly, GetFeatureInfo requests seem to work fine ...
> returning data for a particular point properly.
> Any thoughts on where we might have gone wrong?
> - Mike Grogan and Phil Cogbill

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