[thredds] Unidata needs Local Grib2 parameters


If you are not using Local Grib2 parameters, you can ignore this message. Local parameters have Discipline > 191, or Category > 191, or Parameter number > 191. Sorry if you received this message multiple time.

The GRIB library used by the netCDF-Java library supports GRIB-2 local
parameters. We are currently working on the 4.2 release of netCDF-Java/CDM and TDS and would like to include more local parameters in this upcoming
release. We have already included the local parameters published by
NCEP. If you have been using NCEP local parameters (and you aren't
NCEP, WMO site 7), you will begin to see "Unknown" parameters because the local parameter retrieval is site dependent.

If you use local parameters, please send us the following information
(or a link to it):

- WMO site #  reference http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/docs/on388/table0.html
- and a list of parameters including:
  - Discipline
  - Category
  - Parameter number
  - name, description, units

There's a release coming soon so please get us your local parameters as
soon as possible.

Send information to support-decoders@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Robb Kambic                                Unidata Program Center
Software Engineer III                      Univ. Corp for Atmospheric Research
rkambic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                   WWW: http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/

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