Re: [thredds] thredds data model

Hi Bryan,

Sorry for the out of date links. They have been fixed.

The current THREDDS Catalog specification (1.0.2) is at

There is an XML Schema but no UML model. The XML schema (linked from the
above page) is available at


On 6/9/2010 7:27 AM, Bryan Lawrence wrote:
> Hi Folks
> We want to programmatically consume thredds catalogs, but to do that, we 
> need to understand the thredds data model, which means in practice, 
> having tools which understand the data model. 
> I see the dataset inventory catalog specification at 
> (last update 2004)
> (which has no annotation to suggest it has been updated)
> (and is linked from the most up to date page, which I found at
> )
> but then I found:
> (last update2006)
> Is there an xml schema? An underlying UML model? 
> thanks in advance,
> Bryan

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